Kings will face the Barisal Bulls for their 11th match of the first round of BPL. Their previous encounter with the Bulls were full of fireworks. It was the unforgettable match where Sabbir Rahman scored a marvelous innings of 122 but the match ended up being a last over thriller in which the Kings were unfortunate enough not to emerge victorious from.

Kings top order batting which has performed so well during the course of this season is showing signs of faltering a bit for the last two matches. Sabbir Rahman, Samit Patel, Darren Sammy need to keep calm and see through the 20 overs so that they don’t expose the lower order batsmen too early. Sabbir and Samit Patel especially are in need of a steady and stable innings at the middle to hand off to Sammy or Franklin later on two blast off at the last overs.

The decision to play Sohan at the top was an inspired one and they did really well in the first five overs of the last match. A lefty-righty combination at the crease always causes some trouble to the off spinners which are at large in all teams and to the field settings. Kings can continue this strategy for the next match too.

The pick of Franklin was good too as he showed his hitting capabilities at the later stages. But he was under utilized with the ball. A veteran seamer like him could make life harder for any opposing batsmen.

The bowlers are being exceptionally brilliant the last few matches. Nazmul Apu has been a revelation as he manages to take advantage of the slow pitch with deceptively flighted deliveries and some awkward turns off the pitch. Miraz as always continues to get important breakthroughs. Mohammad Sami and Farhad Reza with their years of experience are at their best at pressure moments. Abul Hasan Raju with his slower deliveries is the best option to wipe of the tail of any teams.

This is a must win match for the Kings. Bulls are in shreds losing six consecutive matches and standing at the bottom of the table. Kings will have to hit hard and fast and make an easy win out of this match