Kings are the crowd pleasers of this tournament. It’s true that they have only won one match in their 4 fixtures but every opponent had to face tough fight from the Kings as they break hearts and face defeat off 3, 6 and 19 runs.

It’s a point of relief that up to the end of the middle order, each and every Kings batsmen are in good batting form. Junaid Siddique started for the Kings first time against the Vikings and he look like he is in killer mode. His opening partner Mominul is also finding the gaps easily. Sabbir is in devastating batting form which was displayed at his never before seen innings of 122 and Vikings caught a glimpse of it in his quickfire 48. Kings have blasting power in Akmal and poise and control of Patel at the middle. Captain Sammy is the call to guy if Kings need to clear the long boundaries of ZACS. But that’s where the run of good form ends as despite having good batsmen like Siriwardena, Miraz, Sohan, Reza at the bottom – Kings are faltering at the chase just after Sammy gets out. They need to toughen up and see the match through the end. The Bowlers performed really well at the first two games but they are leaking runs which is making the life tougher for the batsmen in a chase. Just two keywords, tighten up with the bowl and toughen up with the bat – then Kings will have every remaining games in the bag, given the amount of talent and experience they possess.

The Victorians are at a loss, losing all 5 games they played. Their batting is in disarray though they have quite a bit of quality in their batting line up. Their bowlers are a mess too so it should be easy pickings for the Kings batsmen if they keep their head. We hope for a easy win and prolong the troubles for the Victorians a bit more.